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How to handle a powerful woman

I know a woman with long black hair and fierce tattoos. She handles her shit. Runs a tight ship. Points her finger and snaps in the direction she wants you to move. You might call her a bitch. I love everything about her. She is fierce and charismatic. I am not impressed by her and […]

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This is the most exposed a woman can be

My client Mira had never had oral sex. Ever. She had given it. She had enjoyed “regular” sex over the years with various partners. But never let anyone go “down there.” A lot of women have done it but don’t like it. Some are self conscious about how long it takes. Some haven’t had good […]

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When your partner is disrespectful

Gina and Dan hadn’t had sex in she didn’t even know how long. When he reached for her, she shrugged him off. Or she pretended she was sleeping. Sometimes she tried to get in the mood but couldn’t get very far. She wanted to squeeze her legs together as tightly as possible. She didn’t feel […]

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No one can make you feel bad

Word on the street is no one can make you feel bad. Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Your response is your own. It happens within you. It is based on your beliefs, experience, and Karma. I’ll show you how to take responsibility without blame so that you […]

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How to feel good even when he feels bad

It was like I lived in a dungeon. My house was so dark. I opened all the blinds daily. Turned on all the lights. Painted all the walls white. It was like my house was in perma shadow. I talked about and redecorated around this for years. Until my best friend said “your house isn’t […]

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If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong

When I’m around a group of women, the topics fly. Waxing. Mismatched desire. Anal sex. To which I hear 2 things: “Never!” or “I did it once. Never again.” To which I say “If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.” Is that you? Watch this fun Facebook Live I held in Shameless U, my free […]

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