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Better Than Valium Reading for 8/23/14

I have a fancy new offering coming soon called Your First 3 Clients. I’m pretty excited about it. If you’re ready to simplify and get into action, I think you will be too. Here are some of my latest loves around the inter webs. Each of these posts kept me thinking about them long after […]

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How to Officiate a Wedding

(photo credit: Beau Bender) I’m a fancy ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. That means I checked a little box and I’m now able to do all sorts of holy things: I can bless your water. I will absolve all sin (poof: you are now absolved.) Best: I can officiate your wedding. Last weekend […]

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5 Surprising Reasons You Need a Website Now

When I started my coaching business, I had a semi-expensive site created to showcase my new business. It was a nerve-wracking and intimidating process. There were so many important decisions to be made. Creating my site was basically creating the foundation of my business plan. I had to decide what business I was in, exactly. […]

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