Change is so simple

I wrote earlier this week about¬†the basic framework I use to help my clients effect change. It’s simple. It’s so simple.

However, I said it was easy to use.

Not exactly.

The framework is comprised of 5 questions. These questions are always, always valid. Your perspective always, always creates your experience.

However, changing that after seeing it within yourself once-

Or twice-

Or hell–sometimes 143 times-

isn’t so easy.

Simple. But it’s not easy.

It’s like magic the way it works.

Want something different?

Change your perspective.

Wish it was as easy to stay away from sugar as it is to stay away from cigarettes?

Study why your perspective on cigarettes is different form your perspective on sugar. Therein lies your answer.

This is one of the basic principals of the universe.

Like gravity. What comes up must come down.

Your perspective drives your experience. What you focus on expands.

And yet, humans aren’t linear creatures.¬†

We need to find our way Home over and over again.

Feeling crappy? Getting undesired results in your life? Wish you could have a do-over?

Look at your perspective.

It’s our nature to go to sleep and wake up. Leave Grace and come back. Believe in scarcity and then expand.

Over and over. We are prodigal daughters coming home again and again.

If you want a little more control over that–over how to come Home when you realize you’ve strayed, this is how.

Schedule a 1:1 sample session with me. I’ll show you exactly how this works.

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