Coaching Practice in a Box: THE Digital Reference Guide to help you stop doing & start coaching.

Are you completely overwhelmed with everything you need to do to get your coaching practice going?

Hi, I’m Sarah, business coach for heart-centered people who want to grow their business. When I started, I had a detailed to-do list that was so long it filled a 3 X 5 ft piece of paper that I taped to my desk lest I forget anything.

My brain was going a million miles an hour most of the time and yet I didn’t get a whole lot done. When I did do anything, it took approximately 50 times longer than I thought it would. By the time I figured out how to do it 4 days later, I realized I didn’t really care about doing it.

I listened to coaching and marketing mp3’s almost all the time. I didn’t know what to do first or who to listen to.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t get people to let me coach them even for free, much less for money. I didn’t know what niche I wanted or how to talk about being a coach. Without being able to talk about it I didn’t know how to get any business.

Thousands of dollars and a ton of frustrated fits later, I figured it out.

You don’t have to do what I did. In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to market – with soul
  • Easy-to-follow steps on getting more clients and speaking gigs
  • Best Coaching practices
  • Easy solutions to all of your technology challenges

In short, you’ll have a better practice – faster.

While researching this guide, I talked to countless coaches who are in the same position. Though marketing information is part of coach training, there’s so much of it that no one knows where to start. Most coaches tell me they hate it. They just want to coach but they can’t figure out how to get clients.

So they end up gathering more information. Or they shut down, unable to take any action. Terrified that they’re not going to be able to do the thing they love so much–coaching, they get graspy and desperate. This is such a miserable way to be and defies everything that we know as coaches. Even that makes things worse because when you feel that way, it’s hard to believe anyone would even want to coach with you.

The truth is – there are things you need to figure out.


  • How to differentiate yourself
  • How to talk to people
  • Who your ideal customer is and how to reach them.
  • What to offer and how much to charge.

What you don’t have to do? Get your whole business sorted out before getting clients.

Stop focusing on learning everything and start doing what you really love: coaching.

This comprehensive coaching practice in a box will make your business building so much easier. I’ve developed everything you need to run an online coaching practice and its customizable to your unique situation.

This will save you at least $1,000 dollars and a year of learning curve. At least. It’s not so formulated that it won’t feel like you.

Start Coaching Right Away

If you’re ready to get on with it, click below to order Coaching Practice in a Box. (I would have killed for this when I was starting out.)


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$247 ($10 of each sale will be donated to Women for Women, International.)


What everyone else is saying

This is just the tip of the iceberg – read a ton more here.

This, quite simply, is the shit. I mean that in the best way. Clear. Well-written. Useful. Extremely valuable. All substance, no agenda or BS. Sarah delivers on her promise of saving you a year of heartache and $1000.

I wish I would’ve had this as a new coach. I highly recommend this guide!

Bridgette Boudreau, Master Coach


Bottom line: If I were a new coach, I would definitely purchase this, hands down, no questions asked.

Jackie Gartman, Master Coach



From technology to marketing to tools that amp up your coaching skills – Coaching Practice in a Box covers it all without getting into the dreaded territory of “too much information” overload.

Nona Jordan, The Business Yogini


This product alone would have saved me an incredible amount of energy and time when I was first setting up my business.

Mara Glatzel, Self-love coach and writer


How this will make your life and business 1,000 times better

  • You’ll save at least $1,000 in information products and courses. $1,000 is a conservative estimate.
  • You’ll shave off at least 1 year of your learning curve. Again, 1 year is a conservative estimate.
  • Your business building will be so much easier with this than without it.
  • You’ll have more energy to find clients.
  • You’ll be a better coach more quickly.
  • You won’t have to navigate your new business alone.
  • You’ll have your key forms and worksheets already made up for you so you don’t have to pay someone to do that.
  • You’ll have a private community of people doing the same work you are. Business creation can be so lonely.
  • You’ll be among the coaching elite. Little know fact: those who purchase Coaching Practice in a Box have a special something-something that sets them apart from the regular ole coaching crowd.

Bottom line: You’ll save a ton of money & time & build a more authentic coaching practice more quickly with this product than you will without it. And you don’t have to do it alone.

What You Get

This is a digital guide. It comes as a PDF with over 200 pages of information. Most of the information is text because I wanted it to be as easily referenced as possible. There are also audio interviews and downloadable and customizable extras.

Here are images of the Table of Contents:



Extremely thorough, I know.

In addition, you’ll get:

  • General life coaching prework
  • Business coaching prework
  • Weight loss coaching prework
  • 5 worksheet/tools to use with your clients or give as homework
  • A client tracking sheet
  • Interviews with experienced coaches
  • Membership in a private group on Facebook with other coaches who are building their business using this guide.

This is a huge list. It is not meant to overwhelm you. It’s there to cut through all the information out there.

This is the not too much/not too little reference guide you need.


Buy Now

$247 ($10 of each sale will be donated to Women for Women, International.)

Is Coaching Practice in a Box really for you? F.A.Q.

Q. What if I just want one or two of the lessons? Can I buy them a la carte?

A. Nope. CPIB is intended to be a one-stop shop for everything you need. If you only need one or two things, you can figure the answer out yourself with some poking and finagling of Google. If that’s really all you need, you don’t need this. This is designed to keep you off of Google and focused on business creation.

Q. Do I need this if I’ve not exactly a beginner but my business hasn’t taken off yet?

A. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends why your business hasn’t taken off. Is it because you really do know what to do but you can’t bring yourself to do it? If that’s the case, you don’t need more information, you need individual or group coaching to help you take action. Or is it because there are a bunch of details that you don’t know how to execute? If that’s the case, then yes. This is probably just exactly what you need.

Q. What if I’m completely tech challenged and I don’t even understand what you’re talking about in the Table of Contents? How am I going to be able to follow along?

A. Well, then you need to read the section on making peace with technology for sure. 🙂 This would be a good companion for you as you build your business with a coach. This way you’ll have a framework for what you’re doing and won’t be so blind going into relationships with people you want to hire. Everything is written in plain English and is very accessible.

Q. I haven’t taken any coach training yet but I know I want to be a coach. Will this help me do that?

A. It will help you build your practice for sure. And I include some good information about being a better coach. But I do not teach you how to coach. You’ll need to get that somewhere else like from your own experience or from a respected training program.

Q. Should I start using this if I’m not out of training yet?

A. Yes. Please do. Again, I don’t teach you how to coach (see the question above) but I do narrow down the PLETHORA of best practices, marketing advice, where to start, etc. This will help you focus on your training without worrying about culling through all of the information out there about building your practice.

Q. What exactly am I getting? Does it come in the form of lessons or a private member area?

A. No. It comes as one large PDF. As soon as you purchase you’ll get a link in your inbox that will take you to it. There’s not a member’s only area. There is, however, a private Facebook group just for people who have purchased Coaching Practice in a Box.

Q. Will this help me if I’m not a coach but I want to start another type of business?

A. Yeah. Parts of it will. Most of the content is about business in general and doing it your way with minimal craziness. Any small business person can benefit from that. Just know that many of the examples and stories pertain to coaching specifically. But you will still learn a ton and save a lot of energy with Coaching Practice in a Box if you want to start a different type of business.

Is there a guarantee?

Sure. If you don’t think this guide will help you set up your coaching practice, I’ll refund your payment within 30 days of purchasing it.

Do you have more questions that I haven’t listed here? Shoot them over to me at sarahwagneryost at gmail dot com.