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Are you having trouble staying positive even when you know you should?

If so, I’m your lady. I’m Sarah Yost. I cultivate a positive life and help others do the same. Yet sometimes I want to take positivity and stab it in the eyeball.

I’m an experienced and devoted Master Certified Life Coach. I teach for the amazing Life Coach School. I haven’t taken a drink or drug since 1993. I also have a BA in Creative Writing, hold certifications in massage therapy, yoga, meditation, and through 2 highly regarded life coaching schools.

I’m telling you–I know this stuff. I’ve transformed my life more than once, overcome major addictions, let go of deep-seated phobias and resentments. I’ve walked hundreds of women to the same freedom.

Even so, knowing “the right thing” to do, believe and feel creates so much shame and confusion. When I told myself I was responsible for my own happiness, I stayed in bad relationships because I thought the other person “couldn’t make me unhappy.” While trying to force myself into self imposed grit-my-teeth-and-focus-on-the-positive happiness, I should have been slinging a hearty “fuck off.”

It’s true. We are always responsible for our own happiness. But ignoring other people’s behavior is not the Shameless way to do it.

What Would a Shameless Woman Do?

A Shameless woman knows what she wants and goes for it.

She is powerful and has no need for power struggles.

People call her a bitch but she doesn’t care.

Nice girls don’t get it done. The Shameless woman does.

I created Shameless U for you.

The curriculum is a distillation of the very best practices I know after 23 years of intense study and practice.

Live as Shamelessly as You Dare

If this sounds good to you, the next step is to sign up for a free mini-session.

This is how you’ll know if we’re a good fit for each other. I’ll talk to you a little bit about what you’re struggling with and tell you about the Shameless U program. This way you’ll experience the power of coaching and decide if  this program is the answer for you. If we’re a good fit, we’ll go for it.

I work with clients on the phone because it’s more convenient. We can be anywhere in the world and still work together. I also like the intimacy that being on the phone creates. I also do some support between sessions via text and email. I will personalize the Shameless U curriculum for you with specific challenges and assignments to ensure you meet your goals.