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Deep Peace Play Day, a Spa Day for your mind, body and spirit

This is a powerful reset if you’re feeling frazzled or stressed. We’ll unwind your muscles. Bathe your mind in quiet. Clear up loose ends.

You’ll leave feeling wholly restored and ready to face what’s next. Your power and energy will be so much better. No matter what your circumstance is, you’ll have more power and energy to handle it. You’ll feel more focused and alive.

How it will work

You’ll fill out the Deep Peace play book and then I’ll design a half day of bliss for you. I’ll bring together healing tools from massage, yoga and meditation practice. Yes, you can use massage and yoga over the phone. My coaching expertise will tie it all together for you. In yogic philosophy there are 5 layers of Being called the Kosha’s. We’ll bring healing to each layer so that you feel fully restored.

You bring a phone line and a blanket. I’ll bring the rest. $325

What’s next?

Fill out the contact form below. Tell me what you’re thinking and I’ll be in touch to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.