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I love to write and speak about personal development and business creation. Here’s a list of the places on the interwebs you can find me.


Dance with your distractions and rock your message at www.kriscarr.com

 What Childbirth Taught Me About Business, Books, and Living On My Own Terms at www.womenenough.net

Give coaching to more than the 1% at www.heartofbusiness.com

Soul*Full Tribe  at www.catherinejust.com

Self Care is not for Sissies at www.heartyourpackage.com

Feel Your Way to Nirvana & 5 Things Standing in the Way of Compassionate Action at www.consciousdivas.com

5 Steps to Living Peacefully When You Don’t Like Your Circumstances at www.mindbodygreen.com

He’s Not Going to Fold the Laundry at www.susanhyatt.com

Get rid of your eyelid twitch & Map Your Path to Nirvana at www.feelgooder.com

Use Fairy Dust to Make Anything Happen at www.goodvibeblog.com


Listen & watch

Interview with Christie Halmick about entrepreneurship, distractions and shiny object syndrome for her Women Branching Out series Jewels Branch

Interview with Laura Gevanter about creating a mission fueled life and how to make procrastination work for you. Life in the Present Tense radio show

Interview with photographer Amy Zellmer  about getting focused and building a creative business based on your strengths. Make More Money radio show

Interview with Helen Hunter Mackenzie about business freedom, Living on your own terms, and why getting “there” isn’t the answer. The Cause Effect

Anastasia Valentine and I were interviewed together by Dr. Laura Ciel. We both talked about not letting our history get in the way of our success. Dr. Laura Ciel radio show (scroll to 8/15/12)