Speaking: retreats + events + workshops

I speak to people devoted to creating a mission-fueled life on their own terms.

Do you have a group of out-of-the-box world changers?

One of my favorite things to do is talk to a group. Give me a group of world changers devoted to their own evolution + world changing vision. My job: entertain. Lead. Inspire. I’ll help them market their creative wares, create their life their way, make peace with time and deal with overwhelm + procrastination + distractions.

My special sauce is mindset training. Behavior change only lasts when the mind changes first.

Popular topics:

Your life. Your way. Your terms. How to create the life you crave.

What really determines your success? How to wire your mind so that you’ll get what you really want. This is the key to happiness, enthusiasm and lasting passion. Find and serve your holy mission. Your terms. Your way. It’s the antidote to boredom. The salve for stress. The fuel for change.

Reclaim your time: Learn to recapture lost hours and heal your relationship with the clock.

Focus. Lose the overwhelm. Motivate. Time is only about 20% of the equation, but most of us give it 90% of the power. Why you shouldn’t ignore, power through or fight with procrastination. Make peace with your distractions to rock your message and stay motivated to do what matters.

Internet marketing school for out-of-the-box business owners.

Website. Newsletter. Social Media. SEO?

What’s really necessary? And where do you start? I’ll show you exactly how to use technology to rock your message. I’ll drill through the marketing noise to help you reach more people + find more clients + build more business.

Ditch the diet + power up your inner wisdom.

How to become the expert in your own weight loss journey. It’s the only weight loss secret you’ll ever need. Diets + Just Do It campaigns miss the critical element in long term weight loss: mindset. Your beliefs create your experience. Changing your actions without changing your beliefs won’t last.

When I speak to your crew I bring a unique focus + dedication + love.

I have

:: Built a thriving massage and yoga practice. When it didn’t make a deep enough impact, I closed my office and leveraged the internet to reach more people. My business is now 100% virtual.

:: Studied with the best. Life coach certified by Oprah columnist Martha Beck. Weight coach certified by the inimitable Brooke Castillo.

:: Written a novel.

:: Sold Mary Kay, Cutco, Massage, yoga, long distance phone service, food, clothing, jewelry and hope. And acid from the front seat of my car. It was my first entrepreneurial endeavor.

:: Meditated in an ashram, on the side of a mountain and in stolen pockets while my kids watch cartoons in the other room.

I believe 

::Procrastination carries holy messages for our best life.

::All of our weird and shameful stuff holds clues for what we really, really want.

::Whatever you can dream you can create.

::You’re the only one who can do your thing your way. You shouldn’t live or have a business based on someone else’s terms. Ever.

:: Lasting change only happens from a place of peace and acceptance.

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Let’s chat

If you’re planning a retreat, event or conference, I’d love to help your crew create their lives on their terms. Their way.

Contact me at sarah@sarahwagneryost.com.

Praise + love

“Damn, woman you are amazing. My brain is on fire after speaking with you this morning!! I feel like I’m back on track and newly inspired.”

Katie McClain | Ma Vie Magique

“Sarah has an immense gift of drilling down to the heart of the matter and expressing it in a way that is easy to relate to, non-threatening and super funny.  If you need clarity around your true purpose, and not the usual rainbows and butterflies bull-shit stuff, she is your go-to girl.”

Christie Inge | Body Image Coach 

“I love Sarah’s enthusiasm for the process. Her desire to help unearth the buried treasure trove of internal information is contagious. She has great positive energy, is a blast to be around and give me permission to move forward. She is down-to-earth and non-judgmental.”

You can read more praise here.