How to feel good even when he feels bad

It was like I lived in a dungeon. My house was so dark. I opened all the blinds daily. Turned on all the lights. Painted all the walls white. It was like my house was in perma shadow.

I talked about and redecorated around this for years.

Until my best friend said “your house isn’t dark.”

It wasn’t a decorating issue. It was a husband issue.

More precisely, it was a me issue.

I let myself get caught up with what he was feeling. I felt it because I didn’t have strong boundaries. Because I wanted him to be different, thought I could do something to change it, constantly thought about how wrong it was.

How wrong he was, I was, this situation was.

When a woman fights with reality, she loses every time.

It’s no wonder I couldn’t separate myself from him emotionally. And why my mood changed when his did. It felt impossible to be unaffected by his moods.

I wanted to hold my head up & feel strong, regardless of his emotional situation.

Here’s what I hear from women. See if you relate:

-Absorbing feelings is my superpower.

-I can’t stand people hugging me because I can feel all of their energy and it’s overwhelming.

-I wish my husband would be happy, do something, just a little something to better himself. 

-I didn’t know marriage would be a dark abyss.

Even if he keeps feeling whatever he’s feeling, you don’t have to. It’s hard to love someone when you feel like crap.

The solution to this is not deep spiritual witchery.

You don’t have to leap, embrace a fire, or wrap yourself in energetic rainbows in order to save yourself.

I teach some simple, powerful, totally doable ways to do this in The Shameless Relationship Group experience.

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