How to Feel Important

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Your biggest defect holds the key to your deepest desire.

For example:

(Even if this core desire isn’t yours, play along. You can follow the same thread to find your own.)

Do you want notoriety and approval? Do you act like a big shot? Look for opportunities to be famous? Crave the spotlight?

Maybe you crave the feeling of being important.

You’re believing the lie that importance comes from approval and notoriety. And when you act arrogant or super-cool, hoping to feel important, do you? Or do you feel small and insignificant? Stupid? So then don’t you try harder, act bigger to give yourself that feeling? And end up acting like a fool, feeling like a fool. In pursuit of importance, you take yourself far away from it.

When was the last time you honestly felt important?

Be careful here. Investigate a time when you felt truly it, not the half-assed alibi of importance you get when someone pays you a compliment. Close your eyes and feel the sensation of importance. What does it feel like in your body? Does it have a color? When was the last time you felt that? What were you doing? What else makes you feel like that?

Do more of the things that make you truly feel that way.

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