How To Find Anything

Saint in the Window

Parked next to me when I left the health food store yesterday were two stress-out ladies. They rifled through the front seat of their white Yukon looking for something–keys/credit card/awesome red lipstick? I don’t know. They looked between the seats, underneath the seats, under the car, behind the tires.

They needed my secret weapon, the soldier I borrowed from the Catholics 20 years ago: St. Anthony.

The summer when I was 16, I lost my keys somewhere in our big grocery chain, Dillon’s. My friend, Beth, and I separated to scour the store looking for them. In one magical instant I looked up and they were on a shelf next to the saffron rice packets.

When I found Beth again and jingled my missing keys for her, she told me she had asked St. Anthony. I’ve used him ever since. In 20 years of faithful praying to him, I’ve enjoyed about a 90% success rate.

The dilemma

As I (very discretely) stalked/watched the ladies in the Yukon try to find the lost mystery object, me and me had a convo:

-I should ask them if they’ve asked St. Anthony.

-You can’t reach your head in someone’s Yukon and offer them a saint.

-But it works.


-This is obviously something important. I could make all the difference.

-You can’t.

Because I didn’t make a difference for them, I want to make it for you. This prayer may very well change your life.


Something is lost and cannot be found. Dear St. Anthony, please look around.


  • My mother spent a couple weeks looking for her phone charger with no luck. “Say it with me,” I said. Together we called in St. Anthony. She found the charger within 10 minutes.
  • My four-year-old, Lula, wanted to use her new handmade flower box for her rock collection but she could only find the lid. “Say it with me,” I said. And we called in St. Anthony. She found the box.
  • Trying to get my children, me, and all of our supplies out of the house in the morning is crazy-making. I make myself crazy as I walk in circles looking for my keys and find them inserted in the front door from last night when I got home. I look all over for my phone and then I realize it’s been in my bra the whole time. I need Max’s pacifier, my purse, Lula, a Luna Bar for later and I can’t find half of them.

St. Anthony pulls us through every time. Without our faithful buddy, we could very well still be in my foyer waiting to leave.


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