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How to make a life + a fun story about getting laid

A year ago I was on the online dating site Tinder. Tinder is really more for general hooking up (ahem, getting laid) than dating.

I was not looking for romance. But I met this guy from Montana who was working in my area. After texting for a week or so, I did think, “damn. It’s a good thing he lives in Montana because I might actually like him.”

I was recently separated. No way. No how was I going to get into a relationship.

Montana came to see me on a Friday evening. By midnight we were talking about how we could stay together. He left Kansas on Tuesday to get his stuff and showed up with a U-Haul a few weeks later.

Meanwhile, most people I knew were tsk tsking, saying “you’re doing what?”

With who?

What about the kids?

They shook their heads.

From no relationship plans to a forever relationship in 3 weeks.

I didn’t plan it.

I didn’t even think I wanted it.

I didn’t mean to manifest it. Nothing.

What I did do was show up and be my full self.

And this crazy Montana guy showed up, his full self. He has made me laugh every single day since.

Where are you holding back, telling yourself you’re safe? Keeping your armor on so you don’t get hurt again.

Go broke again.

Embarrass yourself one. more. damn. time.

There she goes again, they might say. Tsk tsk shaking their heads.

Let them shake. 

You’re gonna fall down. I promise. You might even go broke and feel embarrassed.

But you’re gonna live. I don’t just mean stay alive live. I mean, that’s how you make a life. 

Here’s the moral of the story: sometimes you don’t have to make a plan to “jump.” It doesn’t have to be on your vision board. It might be exactly what you thought you didn’t want. But something just feels right. So you say “fuck it.” If I’m wrong about this, I’ll change course later.

You just do it. When the cliff appears, jump right off of it. Let them tsk.

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p.s. The kids are doing great. They like Montana better than they like me.


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