How to ogle a happy couple without compare/despair

There was a period at the end of my marriage where I couldn’t stay and I couldn’t leave. I was broke and felt broken. I was so scared. I knew I was going to leave but I couldn’t get myself there.

The “I wanna do it but don’t really want to do it” or the wanna-wanna’s are so frustrating.

During this period, I traveled to Seattle to officiate my best friends wedding.

She married a man so perfect for her. They are exactly what the other needs. He’s funny and tender. He watched me talk her through a crisis and took notes so that he could help her better. I’m telling you–so good.

Their relationship was so inspiring.

I wasn’t jealous. I didn’t feel small. I didn’t feel ashamed of my current state.

Thank God they didn’t hold back their own happiness. Some people do that. Maybe you do?

Maybe you don’t think it’s OK to make more money because your partner will then make less. Or think you should tamp down your own happiness because the president-elect is bonkers and it would be wrong somehow to delight in your life while the world is falling apart.

My friends practiced Hafiz’s song:

 “Troubled? Then stay with me, for I am not.”

I watched them argue and laugh. Wrestle with each other like 12 year olds and follow that with a big ole kiss.

They showed me what is possible.

I couldn’t so easily hide (to myself) what was happening at home after that. I knew there was more and I could have it.

This is what coaches have given me over the years. They have walked through relationship struggles and personal doubts.

They showed me what is possible. 

The principles and skills I learned from my coaching mentors got me through all of it. Through the divorce and its aftermath. Through mothering my children with integrity and then fucking like crazy.

These are the same skills I teach my clients.

I’ve taught them to hundreds of different people. They’re so powerful and applicable to many different situations.

If you’re curious about coaching, try a sample. You’ll learn a simple technique that is so powerful you will feel better in your life immediately. We can also talk about what would it would look like* if we work together for a longer period. 

*Hint: it would be awesome. 

All you need to do is set yourself up for an appointment. Click here to book it. (It’s free.)




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