Do you have mismatched libidos?

Why it’s such an issue.

Sex. It feels good. At least, it’s “supposed” to.

You may ask yourself if it’s even worth having. It brings up so many things. Shame, stigmas behind wanting sex and being sexy.

Most people in relationships have mismatched libidos. Sometimes this flip flops over the years. For a while, you want it more. For a while, he does.

If you’re the one who wants it more in your relationship-that’s the worst. Because men are supposed to want it more, aren’t they? Rarely are both people in sync.

In itself, a mismatched libido is not a problem. It all depends on how you handle it.

Why it’s so challenging to overcome.

This is relationship dynamics at its most vulnerable. It’s often dark in the room–this feels safer but it also creates more intimacy. You’re naked. You make animalistic noises–you make weird faces–you are in contorted weird positions that no one else sees you in.

You open yourself up both physically and emotionally. And when you ask for what you want and don’t get it, it hurts so much more. Being rejected for sex feels a million times more personal than asking for help with laundry and not getting it. Laundry might piss you off, but it usually holds much less emotional weight.

What you can do to turn it around.

You can’t control him or change him.

You can influence him. This doesn’t happen with pithy seduction techniques or a new piece of lingerie.

You need a holistic mind, body, spirit solution to reprogram your sex life.

The same solution that Ghandi used.

Oprah uses.

Olivia Pope “handles” the biggest scandals in Washington using it.

Lead your life. Lead your lover. Lead your orgasms.

Here are the steps you’ll need:

1. Identify what you want.

2. Own it.

3. Stop needing him to do it for you.

Simple, right?

I know.

It’s almost too simple.

Without exception, every single one of my clients struggles with these exact things. Anytime you struggle it’s because of 1 of those things.

I work with really fantastic women.

The best and the brightest. They’re smart, funny, deep, strong. The kind of women you want in your book club. The kind you might secretly envy because they’re living the dream.

And yet. When it comes to knowing, owning and asking for what they want, these women shrink a tiny bit. The tiniest of shrinking derails the best laid orgasm.

What do you want?

Think goal setting for the bedroom.

Wish you could leave without feeling guilty? Yep. Been there.

Wish you could stay but have your sex life rock like you want it to? Been there too.

Wonder if an affair is the answer? Been there also. As have so many of the women I’ve worked with.

If you’re asking these questions, you are not alone. I’ll help you find your way to a solution.

Download The Mismatched Libido Cure: when to leave, stay or have an affair.

You’ll learn

  1. Exactly what your problem is (not what you think.)
  2. Exactly how to solve it (best news ever).
  3. When to Leave, when to stay and when (and how) to have an affair.

Download The Mismatched Libido Cure now. (It’s free!!!)





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