It’s the worrying that hurts, not the doing

48 to done was awe-to-the-some. I got as much of my garage cleaned out as I had planned to. I would not have done it had I not declared it publicly. Because WTF??? Clean out my garage in 2 days? But! Like most things, it took months of bitching and telling myself it was too much plus just about 6 hours of action.

Several people jumped in. Websites were written, overhauled, launched. Words were written, papers cleared, guest blog posts submitted, bags packed, desks and kitchens reorganized, course work finished, tears shed, selves actualized. Finishing is just that powerful.

The winner!

Loralee Hutton won Shiny Object Project School. She was already enrolled though, so I’ll give her a $50 credit. Shiny Object Project School starts Thursday, October 20. Several early birds are doing it already 1-on-1 with me and they are kicking some serious ass! And having fun doing it. That is exactly what I hoped for. People who hang out with me really do get their stuff done. For help getting your next project into the world, click here.

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