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Love to coach but hate the business of coaching? Read this.

If you hate the business of coaching, but love coaching, here’s how to bridge the gap.

Most of us love to coach but don’t love the business of coaching. One of the reasons is that business requires some heady details like tracking numbers, record keeping and paying quarterly taxes. Most intuitive, helper-feeler types don’t love heady details.

The other piece is that the idea of selling yourself is such a creepy feeling. Something about attaching cash to this holy service we provide makes even the most open minded bristle.

Here’s how to learn to love the business of coaching: use coaching to sell coaching. Instead of focusing on complicated marketing efforts, start connecting with people one at a time.

Here’s one way to do this:

1. Make a list of people you know who you might want to reach out to.

Don’t edit your list. Just make a list of bunches of people.

Then narrow it down. Who out of that list would you like to offer help to?

Disclaimer: This is not a creepy cold call sales list. We’ve all been on the receiving (or giving) end of a multi-level marketing situation where people reached out to friends, family and long lost acquaintances. Ostensibly, they just want to “help” or “connect,” but really they want to sell us something. 

Even if they’re well meaning, it feels yucky. Like you’re just a number on their list.

Don’t do that. 

The list is there to jog your memory about the people you know and would like to support. You need a few filters in place before reaching out to anyone though.

Filter # 1: Make sure you already know things about them before reaching out. If it’s someone who is an acquaintance but not a close friend, learn about what they’re up to. Read their website. Creep on their Facebook page. Put yourself in their shoes and consider what would help them be more successful.

Filter #2: Are they already open to personal growth? If this is someone who believes they always know better than other people, they’re not likely to be open to the art of coaching.

Filter #3: Are they going through a specific challenge right now? Are they going through a divorce or job loss? Or are they growing a new business? Offering support around a specific issue is an easy way to connect and be of service.

2. Reach out to them and invite them to experience coaching.

Sell coaching by coaching. Trying to describe coaching to someone is difficult. Trying to sell the concept is much more difficult than giving someone an experience of coaching.

I worked with a spiritual coach the other day who said she never sells her services to anyone who doesn’t spend time with her first. She didn’t set her business up this way. But it has worked out that no matter how clear her sales page is, people don’t pay to work with her unless they experience it for themselves first.

Disclaimer: This is not a bait and switch. Do not offer coaching and then give them a hard pitch at the end of the call. They’ll feel manipulated and you’ll feel dirty. 

Don’t do that.

Let them know that you two can talk about working together longer term if it feels right. One way to determine if you want to continue coaching someone is to ask them how committed they are to solving their problem. If they say 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, you’ll be dragging them along. Best to let them go until they’re more committed. If they say 9 or 10, that’s someone who will be easier to coach.

This is one of the tools I teach my clients in my coaching intensives. Just one week in, one of my clients has her first paid client!

This girl is on fiyah!!!! 

Curious about using coaching instead of marketing to build your business? Click here to request a consultation. I have 10 spots available October 21-23.

We’ll talk about how this could apply to your unique situation. A who-do-you-know list might not be the best way for you. Let’s find out what is.







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  1. Hollis October 13, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    Sarah Yost gives coaching a good name. Maybe through her the whole business will come up with a better name than coaching for this very special (yes sacred) relationship of listening and talking. Thank you for doing what you do (and rocking the red lipstick all at the same time).

    • Sarah Y October 14, 2014 at 2:45 pm #

      Sending you a red lipsticked smooch, Hollis!

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