No one can make you feel bad

Word on the street is no one can make you feel bad.

Eleanor Roosevelt said “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

Your response is your own. It happens within you. It is based on your beliefs, experience, and Karma.

I’ll show you how to take responsibility without blame so that you can have the response you want. Any one at all.


We know Sticks and Stones is bullshit.

Words cut.

It does hurt when your Love is disrespectful.

Or else it wouldn’t matter what we say to each other.

Have you seen those experiments where you lay out 2 apple slices. Then you talk sweetly to 1 and crappily to the other. The one that has received the negativity shrivels and rots much more quickly than the other.

So, yeah. Words matter.

And Eleanor was right. No one can make you feel bad without your permission.

How do you actually do that, though?

-When you just discovered his porn history again.

-When he puts you down for screwing up his laundry.

-When he forgets your anniversary?

There is a space between insult and pain. That’s where all your power is.

Take no shit.


Set boundaries.


I walk women through a simple, sometimes tedious practice where we find that exact space after insult and before response. With practice you can stretch that out a little bit and insert a different reaction.

One of my superpowers is teaching how to apply platitudes. How to actually do the things you know you should be able to do but is almost impossible to pull off.

I don’t know how people study success courses without someone like you to guide them through. I wouldn’t be able to apply what I read about without your help.




Untangle yourself from your relationship.

Find your confident self that you keep losing.

Love in a way that feels so good-even if you sometimes think he doesn’t deserve it.

Be the Shameless Woman you already are.

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