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Let’s have a resolution do over

If you’re like most people, you resolved to change some major behavior starting January 1. Lose weight. Stop yelling. Write every day. Meditate every morning. How’s that going for you? Lost any weight yet? Yelled at your kids? Penned your 500 words every day? Meditating daily? Let’s have a do over. #1 and most important: […]

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What our rickety ole fence says about love

David and I built our backyard fence ourselves several years ago on a hot, hot summer day. We went through so many bottles of Gatorade. The fence has never been quite right. Some of the posts stick up over the panels because we didn’t bury them in our clay soil deep enough. Some of the […]

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Is it okay for leaders to be vulnerable?

I’m wondering about being a leader and being vulnerable. It’s clear that some vulnerability is OK. Some is not OK. Some makes others feel better. Some makes others feel gross. But what separates good vulnerability from icky? I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I published a video of me at the tail end […]

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