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How do you know this will work?

1998 I started a writing business. I got a paying client my first day. I opened the yellow pages and cold-called restaurants offering my services. It was crude and low tech but it worked. By 2000 I was stuck in a shameful fit of depression. Enthusiasm wasn’t enough anymore and I didn’t know how to sustain […]

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The Top Secret Way to Make Money Coaching.

When I started my business, I was so passionately ON FIRE. Coaching was the thing I’d been seeking for 5 years. It changed several aspects of my life. I felt stronger, more spiritual, and able to serve in a way I had never experienced before. I was like a newly sober alcoholic who wants to […]

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3 Clients Are All You Need

I have a new program opening on September 16. Your First 3 Clients, for coaches only. I’m pulling together my greatest hits from Shiny Object School, Coaching Practice in a Box and 3+ years of coaching people privately and in groups. When you can create 3 clients, you can create 3 more and then 3 […]

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