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The real reason we do the crazy things.

Here’s a truth most people don’t want to hear. Everything we do, we do for love.* The lies, the affairs, the screw ups. The embezzlement, the drinking, the rages. It really is all for Love. So that you can settle in and just Love them the way you want to. Stick with me here. People […]

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The Instruction Manual For Living

I always wanted an instruction manual. Please!!! I just wanted someone to tell me what to do. Except, don’t. I didn’t really want anyone to tell me what to do.  I would, in fact, do the exact opposite of what you told me to do. If you’ve ever been an insecure rebel like I was, you […]

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23 years is a long ass time

March 14, 1993. 23 years ago today. I stumbled awake in a dark basement, after a weekend of drinking and getting high. My alcoholic bottom was a quiet one-just shame and profound disappointment. I had drank through my brother’s birthday the day before. He was the only one left who I loved with any purity. […]

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