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Stop Trying to Become a Super Awesome Version of Yourself.

I’ve been studying better living since 1989 when I got drunk for the first time. I’ve tried booze. …And pot. …And acid. I’ve tried self-flagellation. …And inner child work. …And prayer. I’ve tried different AA meetings. …And Al-Anon meetings. …And Nicotine Anonymous meetings. I’ve learned how to let go of resentments. …How to embrace fear. […]

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The one liner that changes everything

Note: I’m giving away a few coaching sessions this week. What follows is a teensy bit of what can happen when you actively work on improving your relationships. It’s pretty cool. Click here to schedule a free session.   We went on a bike ride along the river last weekend. Lula (9), Max (5), my […]

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The real reason we do the crazy things.

Here’s a truth most people don’t want to hear. Everything we do, we do for love.* The lies, the affairs, the screw ups. The embezzlement, the drinking, the rages. It really is all for Love. So that you can settle in and just Love them the way you want to. Stick with me here. People […]

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The Instruction Manual For Living

I always wanted an instruction manual. Please!!! I just wanted someone to tell me what to do. Except, don’t. I didn’t really want anyone to tell me what to do.  I would, in fact, do the exact opposite of what you told me to do. If you’ve ever been an insecure rebel like I was, you […]

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