How singing will help you come.

One night, soon after my ex and I split, I found myself singing to loud music in my kitchen. It was the first time in about 19 years I had done that. Not because he ever told me I couldn’t. I had learned, one tiny compromise at a time, to accommodate. I thought that’s what it was […]

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Do you have mismatched libidos?

Why it’s such an issue. Sex. It feels good. At least, it’s “supposed” to. You may ask yourself if it’s even worth having. It brings up so many things. Shame, stigmas behind wanting sex and being sexy. Most people in relationships have mismatched libidos. Sometimes this flip flops over the years. For a while, you […]

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When you’re the one doing all the things at home

Do you ever get pissed because your husband expects you to do everything? Calling the damn cable company. Arranging transportation for your kids. Folding a basket of clothing. Do you ever think “why should I always be the one to do this?” Been there. This becomes a pain in the ass only when you believe he […]

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