Pink Bow Syndrome

Polka Dot and Bow Cupcakes

Pink bow syndrome is when you feel needy, weak, silly, like a big, fat GIRL. A girl with feelings and emotions and reactions; a girl who is, therefore, dumb and weak. Your weakness is so obvious that you should be crowned with a big, fat pink bow on your head.

For example, Tina was single and went out for dinner with a group of couples. She felt like the odd wheel. When she went home alone she felt terrible and a little bit needy because she didn’t want to go home alone. She could have handled her feelings in a number of constructive ways. Like:

a.) indulged in feeling sad for a little bit, then moved on

b.) connected with someone else so she didn’t feel so alone. This doesn’t have to be a Somebody or a midnight booty call.

c.) questioning the thought making her feel bad (no one wants me, I’m unloveable, I should take what I can get, I’m too fat, It’s stupid to want a Somebody).

Instead, she castigated herself for being needy and dumb.

She crowned herself with the Pink Bow, effectively keeping herself stuck in an endless loop of sadness, denial and unworthy feelings.

When do you feel weak? In what situations are you crowned with the Pink Bow?

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