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Raves for Coaching Practice in a Box

People really dig this thing. I hope you will too.

Here’s what they have to say:


This, quite simply, is the shit. I mean that in the best way. Clear. Well-written. Useful. Extremely valuable. All substance, no agenda or BS. Sarah delivers on her promise of saving you a year of heartache and $1000.

I wish I would’ve had this as a new coach. I highly recommend this guide!

Bridgette Boudreau, Master Coach


This is a FREAKIN FANTASTIC comprehensive guide to starting a coaching practice!  I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!!!!!! First and foremost, Sarah’s personal story was so compelling, so genuine, and so funny that I was sucked in immediately.

I love how comprehensive and thorough this guide is. Sarah strikes a great balance of giving just enough information without being overwhelming and giving too much detail. This guide is smart, practical, and wise.  It really takes what overwhelms the majority of new coaches and makes all those steps to building a practice user-friendly, simple and approachable.

Bottom line:  If I were a new coach, I would definitely purchase this, hands down, no questions asked.

Jackie Gartman, Master coach


Damn you, Sarah Yost, for not being around when I was getting started!  Her goal with this guide is to save you one year and $1000, but it could’ve saved me two years and many thousands.  Not kidding.  It’s the perfect blend of specific yet simple, witty yet compassionate.  Sarah’s genius is helping people cut through the noise and focus on what is important.  This does this brilliantly.  If you are a new coach, GRAB THIS and get going!!!

Anna Kunnecke, Alchemist


In Coaching Practice in a Box, Sarah Yost is honest, wise and funny. She pulls no punches about what it really takes to build a coaching practice from the ground up. What I adore is that she’s been there and she’s actually done that – sharing with candid humor what worked for her and what bombed.

From technology to marketing to tools that amp up your coaching skills – Coaching Practice in a Box covers it all without getting into the dreaded territory of “too much information” overload.

I believe that if you take Sarah’s hard-earned wisdom to heart, you will not only save yourself time and money on getting your coaching practice off the ground and learning the basics of business building – but you will also get to the part you really want: coaching clients you love, consistently.

Buy this, read it, and follow it up with action, and I believe you will be that much closer to bringing your coaching dreams to life in technicolor.

Nona Jordan, the Business Yogini


Coaching Practice in a Box is the ultimate love letter to anyone who is in the beginning stages of setting up their online practice. It’s seems simplistic, but there is no way to get around saying: this product alone would have saved me an incredible amount of energy and time when I was first setting up my business. Those questions that you have? That teensy project that took you over a week and a half to figure out? This beautifully crafted manual is chock-full of information for how to get it done well the first time around, and then some. You deserve more from yourself and your fledgling business than feeling as though you have to reinvent the wheel at every turn.  Do yourself a favor, buy a copy and save that all energy for what you really want to do – coaching.”

Mara Glatzel, self-love coach + writer


“I can’t tell you how much I wish I would have had this when I started my coaching practice! This is a fantastically comprehensive, clear, and delightfully direct resource for anyone who is building their coaching practice. The breadth of subjects covered is outstanding. And, it’s so darn easy to understand and implement. Whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been at it awhile (like me) you will find so much great information. The Coaching Business in a Box will save you so much time!”

Jill Farmer, Coach. Speaker.
Author of “There’s Not Enough Time: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.”


Sarah Yost’s Coaching in a Box is a blast of soul centered strategies designed to get your coaching business out of your head and into the world.  This guide takes the thousands of hours of guesswork of how to get started and distills everything you need to know (and grow) into one easy to understand, comprehensive resource.  Sarah is whip smart, savvy and is an amazingly bad ass coach.  And she isn’t afraid to pray or curse all in the same sentence.  For the love of not needing to buy another class, course, or product again, get  this book on your shelf and get your coaching out on the streets.

Lizzie Larock


Sarah has an amazing gift for pulling all the resources you need to start a practice into one place, in this case a jam-packed, 200-page coaching bonanza.  Not only does she explain everything she has done to get her business rolling in her classic authentic and entertaining style, she also details step-by-step instructions for every process, software and issue you might encounter along the way, and she provides a shit-ton of articles, resources and helpful links.  This product serves as the all-encompassing, go-to reference guide I wish I had when I started my practice.

Kristin Stevens


I definitely recommend Coaching Practice in a Box to a new coach because it is very thorough, readable, do-able. This is more that just a dry how-to manual. It’s personal and fun to read and work through.

The content is VERY thorough, and detailed just enough to be everything I needed without being overwhelming. (And I loved the reminders to not get freaked out.) Every question I had was addressed here. I just wish it was part of my coach training because I really could have used it a year ago.

April Cline


There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this product! From determining your ideal customer to editing MP3s, everything is covered. Even if you know some basics, this helps fill in the gaps. My biggest takeaway: ABC – Always Be Coaching. Golden! Even if it seems that there’s “so much to do” you can always be coaching.

If you’re a new coach and creating a new business, buy this. There are so many great tips and pointers in one place!


Ruth Lawson, Geeky Girl Weight Coaching



Some people say the basics aren’t sexy. Nothing shiny or flashy about them, right? Maybe that’s true. But you know what is sexy? Being able to build a thriving business + making moolah doing something you dig. And guess what? That requires you to really grok the basics. I work with a ton of coaches + a lot of them feel shaky when it comes to the foundation-ey stuff. The get-it-off-the-ground kind of information. It can be confusing + frustrating + expensive to get clear on the essentials. Sarah’s just done you a huge favor. She’s managed to put the cornerstone stuff into one snaggable source. I’ve seen a need for this sort of material since forever. Sarah’s stepped up + rocked the mic. If you want to save time + cash and shore up your foundation, grab this with the quickness.

Fabeku Fatunmise, Business Awesomizer/Suck Exorcist/Punk Rock Alchemist


IMG_0367 replace-Edit headCoaching Practice in a Box is well done, well researched, and a time saver. If you want to DIY building your coaching biz this is the guide to get. Sarah poured everything needed to start your coaching practice in these 200 pages. She covers marketing, questions to ask clients, what to do in your first 3 sessions, the deal about 20K masterminds + plenty of resources to keep you in action.


Hillary Rubin, Spiritual life + Career Coach