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71 - no sleep for the mommy

Ed: This is not a shot of Max and I. It is some other tired mother and her baby.

I thought you might like a picture of what it looks like to work from home. I’ve worked for myself a long time and so I’ve worked through a lot of the focus/motivation/stay-on-track issues that a lot of new entrepreneurs deal with. Not that I have that snazz perfect, but I do have a good handle on it.


I keep my kids during the day. Lula is 4. Max is almost 5 months. We do Lula’s activities and my workouts during that time. Sometimes I take care of domestic errands and housework. My housework baseline is enough clean dishes and laundry to function. I’d love to have better domestic habits, but I don’t right now.

This is where I get in trouble

I also do business correspondence, check facebook and sneak in other official biz between stuff. When I try to do too much at once I get pissed off because my kids want my attention. I end up stressed and frustrated and I do everything badly.

Business love

When David gets home I go to work–Starbucks or my home office, depending on how much milk I have pumped and if I have client calls, which I obviously can’t do at Starbucks.

I have, however, done them in a parked car, on the playground, while Lula watched cartoons in the other room.

In the few hours a day that I have for my business, I figure things out, plan, learn, finagle tech stuff, find help for tech stuff, go back and forth about it, do thought work as I freak out about said tech stuff, get coached so I stay clean and bright, write blog posts and newsletter articles, figure out why the spacing is weird in said blog posts and newsletter articles (see the above finagle/find/thought work about tech stuff above), stare into space, network, create opt in stuff for my website. Plus, a thousand other misc. details.

Real love

All that is in addition to coaching. I talk on the phone with people and help them get out of their own loop so they can live the gorgeous life that’s theirs. In between sessions I support them via multiple daily emails and I brainstorm about their situations, dreams, fears while I’m doing everything listed above.

In the middle of all of this I often feel herky-jerky, disorganized and lost. I think this is the way it is for most solopreneurs, especially mom solopreneurs. Even if I had a full time nanny and a staff of ultra efficient assistants, I would still be managing everyone (my staff, ahem) and I’m sure that would bring its own share of herky-jerky weirdness.


In between being peed on, answering the 5th phone call, calling the insurance company and dreaming up content for the book I haven’t started, I am so very grateful. I love this work. It’s my hearts calling. It’s my thang. It’s messy.

It’s exactly where I want to be.

Photo via eyeliam

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