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Recommended Service Providers


File sharing services:


This is where you’ll upload mp3’s and pdf’s and anything else you want to share with people. The service will generate a link that you can give people and they can grab the file. Users don’t need to have an account with these services to access your file.



File sharing service. It doesn’t have a ton of free storage available, but it’s a nice, simple interface.


Conference lines:


There are a ton of free conference lines to choose from. I’ve used a free service for 2 years and it’s been fine. The quality of the line depends on which line you’re given. I think that these companies have about 1 zillion lines that they give out and some are good and some are crappy. I used to use Free Conference Call and my line was terrible. But my friend also used them and had no trouble at all. It’s sort of the luck of the draw.

It’s a good idea to have 2 services in case there’s a problem with your first line. I would do this even if I used a paid service for my first line.

If you don’t want to worry about getting a bad line, there are paid services available.

NConnects and Audio Acrobat both cost to use and have great reputations.

Free Conference Call HD  (NOT Free Conference Call)

I’ve used this for several months without any major problems. Occasionally I get a recording that all circuits are busy but I’ve always been able to dial in after a few tries.

The recordings are generated quickly and are easily accessible.

You can control the call via the web console, which I like. I like to see who is on the line when I’m teaching a class.

Free conferencecalling 

I’ve never used this but it has a good reputation for a free service. I use Instant Conference as my back up line, but it limits the # of calls you can make a month and the # of minutes you can use so I’m not recommending it to you.



I recommend having a PayPal account to send and receive money. You can invoice directly from PayPal or use an outside service such as FreshBooks. I do everything within PayPal currently and it’s fine, but I’m sure I could do it more efficiently if I used another service as well.


Square is a service that lets you accept payments using your phone. It’s good if you’re out in public somewhere and want to run a credit card. You can get a free card reader from their website. You can also purchase one at Best Buy. Don’t do that!  I use this when I’m talking to a potential client and they want to purchase sessions or a program. It’s convenient to take their card while I’m on the phone with them. I just type in their c.c. info and Square emails or texts them a receipt. The money is deposited directly into my bank account. Fees are comparable to PayPal and other credit card processing services. I don’t know any way around processing fees. It’s just part of the cost of doing business.




You can get cheap or free email marketing through MailChimp, Mad Mimi and Constant Contact. But Aweber will get your emails to their inbox more often. It also gives you more freedom when you’re sending offers to your list. If you want to switch later it will be a huge expensive hassle.

Scheduling system:


I’ve used Google Calendar’s appointment feature, which is perfect on my end. And it’s really easy for people who have accounts with Google. But it’s a huge hassle for people who don’t. I have used Acuity’s free service, which is fine. But it doesn’t have enough freedom with the scheduling options.


Time Trade

I recommend Time Trade for scheduling. It’s super easy to use. It can be added to several different calendar types. It does reminders and provides instructions to the person scheduling an appointment. Free option as well as a few paid monthly options. The professional account is a great buy at $49/year.


Website hosting:

This is covered in much greater detail in this blog post: http://sarahwagneryost.com/how-to-build-a-website-for-under-100-in-an-afternoon

I like Blue Host the best of all companies. They have great customer service and I’ve never had any issue. I own several domains through them and recommend them to all of my clients.

Avoid other hosting companies. They are not all created equal. Some people who have trouble with their website being buggy are having trouble because of the hosting, not anything regarding the site itself.


WordPress theme

A theme is a fancy way of saying “design that you purchase so that you can customize it for your own site.” Much more info about this is in the Website 0 to Done guide that’s inside Coaching Practice in a Box.

 Website creation

I create websites through my sister venture Websmacked. We build simple, beautiful sites and we do it quickly.


Technological tools:

Screen recording–Jing is a good free service for short screencasts. I use ScreenFlow for longer ones. It’s about $99.

Computer–Apple products are more expensive than PC’s but they work more consistently.  

External hard drive–Time Capsule. This doubles as a router and a back up system for your data.

Phone–I use my iPhone. 

Headset–I use my iPhone standard issue headphones.To figure out what kind of headset you want, make a list of what features are important to you. Then look at headsets.com or Amazon for headsets that have those features.







***Some of these links are my affiliate links which means that I’ll be paid a small fee if you use them to sign up. I am only an affiliate for services I use and trust and honestly recommend. Not every link is an affiliate one.