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Shiny Object School

Shiny Object School is a group coaching program that teaches you how to get things done while getting things done. You’ll pick a project or series of smaller projects to work on while learning the skills of managing projects, focusing, peaceful productivity and managing procrastination.

What dream project is on your mind?Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.27.35 AM

A business?

A novel?

A series of paintings?

A dissertation?

Shiny Object School is your chance to get it done done done! 

I know what it’s like to dream about something so important it makes my heart ache. And then feel so overwhelmed with all of the possibilities and steps that I don’t finish it. I know the shame of one more failed project. One more bright idea that fizzled before it could help anyone.

I also know what it’s like to finish. To sit still long enough to create something I’m so proud of. To follow that heart project from the first idea twinkle to having it in the hands of people who need it. Some of things I’m proudest of in my life are the things I’ve created. Things I’ve finished.

I’ve walked through burning walls of Resistance to finish what I started. Some periods felt like hell but I made it through to a proud and satisfied Nirvana on the other side.

Let’s go to the other side.

Shiny Object School is the best program around to help you get focused, clear and inspired. I’ve walked many people through Shiny Object School, many of whom created beautiful things: programs, books, filing late income taxes, room renovations, license applications, certifications and more.

Many Shinies are creating businesses. Others are making art. Some are cleaning up messes and creating beauty.

What are you creating?

Join us November 4 for an 8 week ride from wish to completion.

8 weeks is plenty of time to write a whole book, create and launch a program, clean out your whole house.

We’ll finish in December.

What do you want to get done by the end of the year?

Here’s how Shiny Object School will work:

You’ll start with committing to a project.

If you’re not sure what to focus on, I’ll help you pick it out.

Each Monday you’ll get a simple but powerful lesson to support your project. This will have some information and simple action to take. Shiny Object School will help you get your project DONE while giving you the skills and magic to keep getting it done long after Shiny Object School ends.

Then we’ll get on the phone every Thursday at 10 am Pacific/ 11 am Mountain/ Noon Central/ 1 pm Eastern. This is our time to gather as a community. I’ll answer any questions, coach you and help you find the inspiration and courage you need to keep moving.

You’ll have access to me via email as soon as you enroll. We’ll have a community Facebook group for group accountability and inspiration.

Before class starts- pick a project to work on. I’ll help you with this. We’ll work via email as soon as you enroll.

Week 1- Meaningful goal setting: how to do it for real so that you’ll follow through

Week 2- Work styles: learn how to use your natural energy cycles to get more done peacefully

Week 3- Time: harness your time so that you can do what matters. Never again suffer because you “don’t have enough time.”

Week 4- Mindset and the fundamental causes of SOS: Without untangling this piece, you’ll keep struggling.

Week 5- Fear of failure: The big daddy fear for Shinies.

Week 6- Fear of success: The other big daddy fear for Shinies although this one is more hidden.

Week 7- Getting unstuck: You’ll learn a super effective way to get unstuck every single time.

Week 8- Systems and processes: Learn how to create systems as a spiritual practice. Support your creativity with systems and process that work perfectly for you.

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get email coaching from me until class starts November 4. I’ll work with you to pick the best project for you and help you with anything else you need relating to it.

Here’s a recap of everything you get in Shiny Object School

  • 8 weeks of practical, fun, no b.s. classes
  • Live coaching calls to learn more about each week’s topic and get help with your specific project
  • Private community with 24/7 access to fellow Shinies and me
  • Easy to access recordings of all calls
  • Bonus!!! Membership in my brand new Shiny Posse community free for two months.
  • 4 private coaching sessions (for Royal Shnies)
  • Daily email coaching (for Royal Shinies)

Class starts November 4.

Royal Shiny Object School with 4 half hour private coaching sessions $695

This is a crazy good deal because 4 private sessions with me are the same price and with this class you’ll also get the group experience and email coaching before we start.

or 3 payments of $239

Shiny Object School group experience $395


or 3 payments of $139


Test drive Shiny Object School.

I have opened up 10 free mini Shiny Object School sessions. Click here to apply for one. Bring your biggest challenge and we’ll unstickify it for you Shiny Object School style.

You’ll get 20 minutes with me to work on anything shiny object related.  Whether you join Shiny Object School or not, you’ll get some great coaching with zero pressure.

Shinies rave about Shiny Object School


“Shiny Object School made my dream seem so reachable.”

I joined Shiny Object School because I was tired of beating myself up for a) not doing anything to make my goal happen, and b) having a juvenile, selfish, impossible dream.

I decided to give this one real, full effort before giving it up.

Being accountable for effort, if not results, made a difference.  I saw other people posting about what they’d done to babystep toward their goal, and I wanted to join in.

The very first thing SOS did was make me identify my goal precisely, and get really clear and honest about whether I REALLY wanted to do this.  When that was done, I gave myself 30 days to try – REALLY TRY – to work at making it happen.  I gave myself permission to give it up if, after 30 days of really trying, I didn’t want this goal anymore.

Turns out, I like my goal and want to stick with it.  Within 30 days, I created a website (completely from scratch, brand new, 30 days), got 3 clients, and most importantly I tried something I’d been telling myself for years was just a dream.

Why didn’t I just…?  I don’t know, but Shiny Object School made it seem so reachable.

I am NOT a paid advertiser, promoter, or smoke-blowing-up-your-pantleg-er.  Contact me on my website and I will tell you, I’m a real live person who thought their dream was silly and unrealistic.  Mine isn’t and neither is yours.

Amy Saker | Virtual assistant


“She will Shine some Light on the objects that frighten you. Then you will glow.”

Sarah is kindness with a kick. I came to Shiny Object School holding up a big SOS. “I am terrified of technology. It hates me! We’re enemies.” But Sarah helped me make friends. She let me discover this big Web that connects us throughout the World is Wide and full of a zillion faces (flawed faces, just like me). I replaced hatred and fear with forgiveness, calm and curiosity. Take her class. She will Shine some Light on the objects that frighten you. Then you will glow.

Rebecca Mullen | Altared Spaces