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The Choose Love Project just might change your life.

I’ve been honored to be–so honored to be part of The Choose Love Project, a collection of letters written by women to their younger selves.

If you’ve ever starved, stuffed, cut, sold, or hated your body, you’ll read your story in this collection.

I spoke with Lori Race and Rachel Cole, the creators of the project about their inspiration and creative process. Listen to our conversation as we talk about how peaceful and easy creation can be when it’s a project that matters. This is the key lesson in Shiny Object Project School which Lori and Rachel illustrate beautifully.

Lori Race & Rachel Cole conversation

We discuss:

  • The power of collaboration
  • How to put together a project peacefully and powerfully.
  • Their wouldn’t-it-be-ridiculous-if dream about its impact
  • How they stayed focus from inception to launch.

I cried a bunch when I wrote my letter to my 13-year-old self, when I sent it to them and when I told my family about its content.

And I cried some talking to these visionaries about the change it’s already making in people’s lives. I hope you’ll also be moved.

Get yourself a free copy. If you’re interested in contributing a letter to your younger self for a future volume, submission guidelines can be found on the website.

web: www.thechooseloveproject.com

twitter: @chooseloveproj

facebook: The Choose Love Project

Rachel Cole: www.rachelwcole.com

Lori Race: www.heartyourpackage.com

Listen: Lori Race & Rachel Cole conversation

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