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The Coaching Clinic: Coaches page

If you want to give coaching to the community, The Coaching Clinic is your ticket. We have people who need help. They have various problems. Some are willing to pay a little bit. Some can’t pay anything.

This is for you if you

  • want to practice
  • want to coach in a new niche
  • are looking for pro-bono/Karma building opportunities
  • are working on hours for certification

What you need to do to get hooked up with people who want free/reduced cost coaching

  1. Submit your email below.
  2. When you get an email asking you to confirm your subscription, click yes.
  3. Watch for an email with more specifics about what to expect.
  4. Read it.
  5. Coach
  6. Get on with your bad self

Are you in need of coaching? Click here.