The Job I Didn’t Get and Why This Absolutely Matters To You.

I applied for this gig teaching Master Coach Training with Brooke Castillo, my mentor/boss/teacher/friend, owner of The Life Coach School.

Totally knew I was going to get it. I knew so strongly that I didn’t even apply for it. I told her I wanted it. Told her I’d see her in a few months, when it started. Basically, thanks for the job you haven’t given me that I’m not going to actually apply for. See you soon!

Moxie, right? Or stupidity. Depends on your perspective.

Then I got the email. The “I’ve hired 3 other people” email.

Excuse me?

You WHA?!?!

I. Don’t. Think. So.

I immediately replied saying, “You have made a mistake. You need me too.”

We talked for a day or so, going back and forth about why she didn’t hire me initially. We were both right.

She had a good reason for not hiring me. I didn’t grow my business for a few years while I was divorcing and falling in love with my guy, Montana.

I am now growing my business just fine AND I’m a killer coach, and supremely loyal to her and her school.

I am also now one of the instructors for Master Coach Training (squeeeeeeee!!!!)

Master Coach Training 2016 starts this Friday. I will spend the weekend revamping my entire business. Everything that is my business structure today will change after this weekend.

My prices will raise. My offerings will change.

Shameless U is going big and bold and bombshellorama!

Right now I’m super enthusiastic about Shameless U. I am convinced that every woman I see needs it. You’ve seen that evangelizing stage in people, right? It’s the best time to learn from them because the excitement is off the charts.

I fantasize about carrying coupons around saying, “You’ve been identified as being under-shameless-ified. Call me. Shameless U is for you.”

These will go to every woman I see in Target who apologizes when someone accidentally bumps into her.

To every woman on the playground who lets her child stay as long as she wants because momma doesn’t have the confidence to take her on home when it’s time.

To every woman who orders her latte saying, “Can I have….?” instead of, “I’d like…”

I have been every one of those women.

From a quiet “I’m sorry.” giggle, shrug, smile.

To Shameless. I’m the woman who replied to a major rejection with an “I don’t think so. You obviously missed out on the part where I’m so perfectly suited for this gig.

I did not say “Nothing I can do about it now.” Bullshit. There was plenty I could do. I just had to show up and ask.

I’m showing up and asking you.

I am leaving Kansas in a couple of days. I want to enroll 5 private students in Shameless U before I change my whole structure this weekend.

Right now I have 4 people on the fence.

Only 1 spot is definitely open right now.

These spots are first come, first served. Coaching with me, using this specific curriculum is going to be AH-MAZING.

No doubt.

Reserve your spot with a $150 deposit by clicking here. 





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