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The Top Secret Way to Make Money Coaching.

When I started my business, I was so passionately ON FIRE. Coaching was the thing I’d been seeking for 5 years. It changed several aspects of my life. I felt stronger, more spiritual, and able to serve in a way I had never experienced before. I was like a newly sober alcoholic who wants to carry the good news to EVERYONE!

I learned everything I could learn about websites, internet marketing, how to give talks, have sales conversations, build my newsletter list, etcetera. And I coached my damn face off.

I couldn’t figure out why people weren’t ordering coaching packages left and right.

My work with me page was carefully crafted. I won a contest with a great copywriter to have her write my about page. So you know it was awesome. I blogged regularly. And I was a really good coach. People said they had better results from one session with me than they got from years of therapy. It was so gratifying.

I got feedback from other people that they liked what I was doing, but they weren’t asking to work with me.

After a year or so of this, I began to feel ashamed. I figured there must be something wrong with me. My energy wasn’t right or my niche wasn’t clear or something. 

But my friend Christie told me something really profound. Something that helped me earn my first 4 figures.

This is the secret sauce right here: She said, “They’re not buying from you because you’re not offering them anything.”

Shut. The. Front. Mutha-Effing Door.

I had no idea.

I knew that people needed to get to know me for a bit. They would need to visit my site a few times and read my blog for a while. I thought that they would eventually love me so much they would just ask to buy a coaching package.

I thought I would perfect my internet funnel. I would list my prices on one page of my site but other than that I wouldn’t mention it. Then people would buy coaching from me.

Bolstered by Christie’s brilliant observation, I offered my first round of Shiny Object School and several people bought it.

It felt really weird to actually ask for money in return for my services. It was scary to say “I made this program for this kind of person who wants to solve this kind of problem AND IT COSTS SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLARS. I made about $4,000 on a small, disorganized launch.

It was ahh-MAZE-ing.

I have earned money every single time I’ve offered something for sale. Not always a ton of money. But I always have positive results.

It is pretty simple. Cash always comes when I offer something of value.

If there’s a formula, this is it: have something for sell. Offer it to the people who will want it.

Sell it. Make money. Have a great time and do a great job. Repeat.

Enrollment opens Tuesday for Your First 3 Clients. It’s a private coaching intensive designed to get you paying clients. That means you’ll be making offers.

That’s the formula, baby. Offer people your services. Many will say no. Some will say yes. If you’re serious about coaching and you are overwhelmed by trying to figure out all of the pieces, check it out.

You can learn more about Your First 3 Clients here.





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