This is exactly how to change

I’m going to jump right into it today. This is the meat and potatoes or Kale and blueberries of dream creation.

I have a simple framework I use to help women create their life, especially their sex life, into exactly what they want.

An important step in that process is to study your current problems.

When you see how to change what you’re going through now, it’s a lot easier to get on the path of creating your dream sex life.

Do you ever feel like Groundhog Day shows up in your bedroom over and over? 

The same iffy sex.

The same reaching for him, knowing he won’t say yes but hoping anyway.

The same wishing you had your drive back but you’re not quite driven enough to do something about it.

I’ll give you a simple way to effect change, no matter how complicated or stuck the situation is.

If you want to shift a pattern, it’s easy enough to do.

Change your perspective and then your pattern will change.

You can do this by identifying your problem, exactly.

Identify what you think about it.

Notice how that feels.

And what you do when you feel that way.

Then, like a magical mathematical equation, you can see how you can create a completely different result in your life.

Voila! The Groundhog disappears.

Here. I’ll show you:

1. Pick a pattern in your life you haven’t been able to change. Pick a habit, a feeling, a resentment.

For example, iffy sex.

2. What do you think about it?

Ugh. It’s boring. He doesn’t have any new moves. I know what will happen next. Blah blah. If he weren’t so lazy, he’d figure out a different move.

3. How does that line of thinking feel?

Like, ugh. Certainly not sexy.

4. When you feel “ugh,” what do you do?

Halfheartedly go through the motions. 

5. When you go through the motions, what ends up happening?

The same ole same ole. Iffy, boring sex.

See? It’s like magic. Whatever you think about a situation is what you end up creating. It’s basic law of attraction. What you focus on expands. What you want, you get. What you think about, you become.

It might be just fantastic if he would think of a new move or two. But if you’re focused on how it’s boring, how likely are you to be crazily turned on when he flicks your clit in that new way?

Yes. Of course, it’s nice if the other person would do something different. But you have exactly zero control over that. You have exactly 100% control over what you do.

So, where should you put your energy? Hoping he’ll change? Or changing yourself.

If you’re looking for a better sex life, your hottest bet is on yourself.

Answer these questions about one of your problems. 

1. What’s the problem?
2. What do you think about it?
3. How does that feel?
4. What do you do when you feel that way?
5. What happens when you do that?

If you email me with your answers, I will respond right away. If you’re stuck, or not feeling it, let me know. I can help.

Want to see how this will help you? 

It’s even more effective to go through with another person.

Schedule a time with me for a sample coaching session and I’ll show you how that works. If you need help beyond that, I’ll show you how my private coaching program works.

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