Shameless U: It is Time for Fantasy Worthy Sex

Are you wishing for fantasy worthy sex?

If you crave it, it’s yours.

If you can imagine it, it’s yours.

When you create it, you will create a life beyond your fantasies.

When a woman is Shameless in bed, she is Shameless in her life.

A shameless life is the one that goes deeper than one well-lived.

It goes beyond “the good life.”

It’s one full of mess, glory and vulnerability. Courage and orgasms. Pleasure and growth.



Bold decisions.

That’s the life I wanted for myself when I was 10.

It’s the life I want for you now.

When a woman is Shameless in bed, she is Shameless in her life.

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Here are some highlights from this week. No names attached, because of obvious reasons. These are full of love, but tame. Girl, we do not hold back. Want specifics? Become a member.

“…bc of talking in this group, we tried some new things with one of my toys.”

“Ok ladies, this group is already the bananas!!!”

“I was telling Jim about how much I love this group. As I was telling him, I had a mental highlight reel I didn’t share. from grabbing it like a stick shift to swamp ass to Song of Solomon, you guys have made my week.”