What’s stopping you?

The thing that’s stopping you might not be a big damned deal. We procrastinate for all kinds of reasons, of course, but often it’s not the whole activity that’s procrastinate-worthy, it’s just one piece of it. To discover what’s stopping you from doing something at all or with joy, break it down into steps. You might be surprised at what it is that’s blocking you.

Sometimes it’s just a parking spot.

One day Carolyn needed to take bankruptcy paperwork to the lawyer to drop off. She didn’t really want to. In fact, she felt constricted about it and dreaded doing it. Let’s break down each step of her taking the paperwork to the office.

Going through with the bankruptcy filing. This would have been a piece on other days, but by this point, she had worked through it, had accepted it and was fully engaged in the decision to do it.

Finding and gathering the paperwork—feels fine.

Taking it to the car—fine.

Doing it, rather than her husband doing it—fine.

Driving to the lawyer—getting constricted. Getting warmer…

Taking it in to the lawyer—boom.

She didn’t want to deal with downtown lunch hour traffic or finding a parking spot. She wasn’t worried about interacting with the lawyer or anyone on his staff. She didn’t have any angst about dealing with the paperwork or the decision. It was a totally separate issue that wasn’t even related to the bankruptcy.

Armed with that information and bringing it to the light, it ceased to be much of an issue. She still didn’t love the idea of dealing with parking and traffic, but decided to have something fun for lunch that day to make up for the hassle.

What do you dread? Need help breaking it down to find out what’s the big, damn deal?

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