What Do You Want to Feel Today?



I ask that almost everyday on Twitter.

The word thing is a thing right now, and with good reason.

I know what words I want to feel in my successful life: clear, strong, shiny, capable, decisive.

My word for the year: twinkle–because I want to follow that which shines, even if it’s barely visible. I love this quote from Bill W., one of the cofounders of Alcoholics Anonymous: Hold your face to the light though for the moment you do not see.

That gives me an image of feeling my way through and towards the light. I might be bumbly and the road won’t be exact, but if I keep looking toward the light, I’ll know I’m heading the right direction. I want to be open, trusting,willing enough to do follow that this year as I head into a bunch of new things: a new family member, new business, new relationships.

When I practice yoga, I dedicate my practice to a word, a quality I want to cultivate and I check in throughout the practice to remind my self of that quality. I often choose open, joy, sweetness, and sometimes curious.

I choose words to guide me because doing so helps me hone in and focus. It’s an easy way to plan with the end in mind and stay unattached to the specific outcome of any one day, practice, year.

Case in point: While thinking about this day, the first thing I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and read. It’s a cold Sunday morning and Lula is at my moms for a few more hours. Then I thought about how I want to feel today: on purpose, interested, strong and clear. Curling up on the couch first thing won’t help me feel that way.

Instead I wanted to write a little bit for you. At some point I’ll make a version of this Ribollita. And I’ll plan my week so I feel ready and on purpose tomorrow. I’m going to download something stimulating and fun from Audible. And I’m going to rest before I’m exhausted. In this home stretch of gestating, I’m a lot more tired than I want to be and I’ve been ignoring my signals until I’m too spent to do anything. Today I’ll listen to the cues and rest when I need to. That will be a better time to curl up and read, instead of this morning when I’m basically ready to rock.

What do you want to feel today? @ me on Twitter or shoot me an email and let’s chat.

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