When your relatives are coming, you’re too busy to come, and you quit smoking years ago.

St Francis was all “Let me do for others, not ask them to do for me.” If you’re having trouble believing in yourself today. Or if you’re having trouble believing in goodness today. Or if your crazy Aunt Tillie is coming to town and you know she voted for Trump, try Frank’s way.

Believe in someone else.

Believe in the good you can see–start looking, you’ll find it.

Be the boundaried understanding Tillie can’t give you because she doesn’t want to lose her privilege.

It helps.

You know what else helps? My Shameless U crew on Facebook.

You know there’s gonna be a minute or three when you have to look at your phone. Facebook will call you with its easy way to check out from the stress.

How cheeky will you feel when you’re not just scrolling through turkey pics. Scroll through my private group because in Shameless U we go there. WAY more fun than turkey pics.

Favorite position? Check.

How to get it on with short legs and a big belly? Check.

What to do when he’s lost his drive and now you’re the one initiating? Check.

Shameless U is full of belief, kindness and razzmatazz calm. Isn’t that exactly what you need?

Don’t be a turkey. Join us.



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