When you’re the one doing all the things at home

Do you ever get pissed because your husband expects you to do everything?

Calling the damn cable company.

Arranging transportation for your kids.

Folding a basket of clothing.

Do you ever think “why should I always be the one to do this?”

Been there. This becomes a pain in the ass only when you believe he “should” be able to do the simple little thing like send a simple little text.

What if you should be the one to do this because you’re the one who is really good at it?

If you can send the text to arrange the transportation, just do it. It will only take you a second. It takes him a day of spinning about it, then you tiring of the drama and just doing it yourself, exasperated and annoyed.

Fun! I LOVE exasperated and annoyed. I spent the majority of my marriage like that.

If I had a dollar for every time I thought, “It’s not that hard. JUST DO IT, FOR F___’S SAKE!”

I know. What if you do all of those things and there isn’t anything left for him to do? You’re trying to do less, not more. Right?

What if he isn’t good at any of it? What if he really is as incapable as you believe he is sometimes.

First of all, I doubt that’s true.

But even if it is, at least you know the truth of what you’re dealing with. Imagine if you just do the things instead of telling yourself and him and everyone else you complain to that he SHOULD do it.

At least you’d know exactly what you’re great at and he’ll be free to do the things he’s great at. Then you can hire or split the rest of it.

If neither of you are good at doing taxes, hire a tax person.

If neither of you are detail oriented toilet cleaners, hire a toilet cleaner person.

If neither of you love to mow the lawn, hire a service.

Bonus #1: peace of mind.

Bonus #2: support a small business owner.

Bonus #3: you’ll probably get laid more. If you’re the one wishing he’d do it more, he might want to if you get off his back. If you’re the one wishing he didn’t want it so much, you might want it more if you stop focusing on his incompetence.


Competence is sexy. Being a complaining mother figure to your hunk of a husband is not.


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