You don’t have to manipulate anything to make magic. Just show up.

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Sometimes it feels like I have to be hyper alert in order to make magic and figure out what to do next. Not true, my little shoe. Not true. Had a great experience this morning that confirmed a couple things.

1. Providence is paying attention.

2. I don’t have to manipulate anything to make great things happen.

Check it out. Once upon a time…

Melinda thought that her usual Starbucks looked too crowded so she decided to drive a few miles south and go to a different one. Right when she was about to turn left she saw 1 parking spot open up so she crossed 3 lanes of traffic and swooped it up. There weren’t any open tables so she sat across from me. She and I don’t know each other well but we’ve shared tables before.

“We have to stop meeting like this,” she said as she set her computer bag down.

She graduated from college in May. She’s been working part time at a national retail chain and was recently promoted to assistant manager. Even though she loves connecting with people and she has a knack for sales, she doesn’t want to keep working there. She hates the inflexible schedule and long hours on her feet. 20 years ago, maybe. But not now.

“What do you do?” she said.

“I’m a life coach.” (I don’t do a fancy elevator speech when people ask me this question. I just talk to them and tell them the truth.)

Turns out, she just filled out an application to be a life coach through one of those companies that trains coaches to do corporate coaching. So we chatted. About the awesomeness of coaching. About the ridiculous amount of money and time I spent figuring out how to make it a business. About how clients find me (Facebook, blog posts, here and there). About where I meet with people (over the phone.) And so forth.

She needed my information and inspiration.

She said, “I never thought about doing this as a business.”

“Oh, girl,” I said. “Entrepreneurship is the key to thriving in the new economy. You want to live and work on your own terms, this is the way to do it.”

I told her to poke around my site. Told her there are a ton of resources here about business building. Reminded myself how badly I need to organize that stuff because there’s really no good way to access all of my resources.

I needed her enthusiasm and seeking spirit

This morning when I left the house I told David my plan was to reconnect and do some writing. I was feeling a little bit fuzzy and lost. A girl can’t rest on her laurels. I’ve been coasting on the launch of Coaching Practice in a Box and how great I felt as a result of getting it done and into the world.

Coasting only ever lasts a minute. It’s so important to reconnect and stay current, no matter what else is going on.

A divine appointment

That’s what Meredith and I had this morning. We both agreed. She wasn’t even going to come here until the last second when she changed her mind. I was lost and needed to be reminded how life changing and important life coaching is. One of my guiding questions is “How can I take coaching to the streets?”

One answer: Show up. Connect with people. Be helpful.


I love hearing cool stories almost as much as I love living them. Tell me. What cool “coincidence” has happened for you?






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