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When you’re the one doing all the things at home

Do you ever get pissed because your husband expects you to do everything? Calling the damn cable company. Arranging transportation for your kids. Folding a basket of clothing. Do you ever think “why should I always be the one to do this?” Been there. This becomes a pain in the ass only when you believe¬†he […]

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Stop Trying to Become a Super Awesome Version of Yourself.

I’ve been studying better living since 1989 when I got drunk for the first time. I’ve tried booze. …And pot. …And acid. I’ve tried self-flagellation. …And inner child work. …And prayer. I’ve tried different AA meetings. …And Al-Anon meetings. …And Nicotine Anonymous meetings. I’ve learned how to let go of resentments. …How to embrace fear. […]

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