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5 Surprising Reasons You Need a Website Now

When I started my coaching business, I had a semi-expensive site created to showcase my new business. It was a nerve-wracking and intimidating process. There were so many important decisions to be made. Creating my site was basically creating the foundation of my business plan. I had to decide what business I was in, exactly. […]

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The overwhelm myth

“I look at all the things I have to do and there are so many things on my desk–so many steps to take. And then it all overwhelms me and I freeze.” My client got more frantic and high pitched as she told me the story. Then she told me about other things that overwhelm […]

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How to make the ethereal concrete

Have you ever had a profound experience that you can almost communicate? That’s human in a holy enough way to make you catch your breath. But the experience and description of it is ethereal. So that whenever you try to grasp onto it or explain it, it wisps away. Then you say things like: it […]

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Should you vacation without your kids?

Of course. If you want to. Consider the why behind your decision. Whether to take your kids with you when you go depends on why you’re going. What are you trying to accomplish? What are you craving more of right now? To relax/check out/catch up on your sleep?  Can you do that with kids around? […]

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